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This post was written in partnership with Andie Swim, and contains affiliate links.

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Even before our trips became mostly road trips (thanks 2020!) I always tried to pack as minimally as possible - I don't like checking bags (lost one too many!) so I prefer to pack a carry-on. I even managed to do three weeks in Europe in a carry-on. My biggest trick? Pick pieces that are highly versatile.

One piece that isn't typically very versatile is the swimsuit. It really only goes one place - the water. They're small, but they take up space for a single use item, making them one of the least functional pieces to pack for a vacation. Fortunately I've found the solution: the Malibu from Andie Swim.

I've been using this swimmy for a few weeks now, and I can't say enough good things about it. I literally spent an hour in my room wearing and styling it when it showed up - it's just that good.

First off, this suit comes in regular and long torso lengths, which is a god-send. I love a good one piece, but rarely can wear them since I have a long torso. This suit fits perfectly - it has just enough stretch to fit snuggly so I can wear it with confidence, but the longer length means I can wear it with no pulling. Win.

Secondly, Andie was founded by a woman and is run by an all women team. I love supporting other women in business, especially when they meet an existing need so completely. The Andie mission is built on three pillars: Support, Fit & Comfort, and Sustainability. They produce ethically created and sourced swimwear that addresses the fit issues we deal with as women (because let's be honest - no two bodies are the same!) and provide a team of fit experts who support you every step of the way from first click to vacay day.

Finally, the design. The Malibu boasts a full coverage bottom that still manages to look sexy while giving me the coverage I crave. But the true star of this piece is the Henley detailing. This is where the versatility comes in - thanks to that small detail, this swimsuit doubles seamlessly as a bodysuit.

There are infinite ways to style it - here are 4 of my favs:

I have to say, while I wouldn't typically spend this much on a swimsuit, I feel like the price is reasonable. The comfort, the fit, the sustainability and the versatility all make me feel good about the cost per wear. If you want to snag yours for less, Andie Swim is having a great sale over Labor Day weekend - 25% off site wide with code STILLSUMMER25!

How will you style your Malibu?


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