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Don't get me wrong: I L-O-V-E to shop. One of my favorite activities is wandering through a store with a coffee in hand. However, the best first step heading into a new season is making a coffee in my very own kitchen (currently obsessed with oat milk lattes), then spending a little time shopping my closet. This helps me do things like make a list of basics that need replacing, or repairing, and coming up with some fun accessories to add into the mix, but more importantly it reminds me what I already have. So often, I can recreate a new trend with what's already in my bedroom. I sent a few girlfriends a Fall Trends article for inspiration, and we each created a look inspired by one of the trends from our own closets. Here's hoping this inspires you to do a little shopping at home of your own!

Name: Christy Joy

Inspiration: Knits

Name: Ashley Lopez @simplicityandcoffee

Inspiration: White Tank & Jeans

I decided to give the white tank & jeans formula an updated twist by adding cargo pants. I cropped mine because the weather here is not fall-ish yet, and added some bold gold jewelry and a nude heel.

Name: Ginny Hwang @jo_gam_do

Inspiration: Punk Prep, Trenches that Turn Heads

"Anarchic school uniform meets Annie Hall" is basically my style mantra (with maybe a sprinkle of 15yr old skater boy). I am very excited about the return of vests. One of my first memories of putting together an outfit as a preteen was purchasing a patchworked tartan and floral satin-back vest from Contempo Casuals and it was my most prized possession in 6th grade. Trench: Mason by Michelle Mason - I used to work for this label and they made these tencel trench coats that are incomparable. It's lightweight but hangs beautifully. Perfect for "fall" in LA. Vest: Ann Demeulemeester - this is actually a hand-me-down from my husband. I usually prefer the androgenous silhouettes of men's vs. the darts and shaping of women's clothing. Ann Demeulemeester's tailoring and romantically goth details make her one of my favorite designers. Shorts: Dries Van Noten - my other fave. Dries came out with exaggerated pleated baggy jeans so many seasons ago. They were basically an homage to JNCO jeans (at least in this former raver's opinion), so it's fun to see so many designers doing something similar now. I bought this shorts version of his iconic baggy pants in 2016 and wore them to death. Maybe it's time for a replenishment. Shirt: COS - peter pan collar shirts for life. One day I will invest in a Commes des Garcons one, but in the interim... a good knock-off from COS will have to suffice. Boots: Acne - square toes are trending now it seems, but I will never quit these perfect hard round toe, elastic ankle boots from Acne.

Name: Tiffany Brevard @TiffanyNicoleBrevard

Inspiration: Floor-Skimming Hemlines

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