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What is the A21 Campaign?

In 2017, Simplicity & Coffee/S.Co the Label became a registered Business Partner of the A21 Campaign. The A21 Campaign is an organization founded by Christine Caine that exists to abolish all forms of slavery, everywhere, forever. Our founder, Ashley Lopez, has worked for and with the A21 Campaign since 2012. We strongly believe in and support their mission, and are honored to partner with them in their effort to abolish slavery. For more information on the A21 Campaign, please visit their website at

What is a Sponsored Post?

A sponsored post is any post we have been compensated (i.e. paid) to write, either via payment or product. It does not mean that we are sharing something wed on't love or giving an opinion that is sugar-coated or false. We only work with companies and products we genuinely love and personally use, and feel so honored that they trust us to be part of representing them. Whatever we share with you is always genuine and unbiased. We have turned down collaborations, even after receiving product, because we couldn't honestly endorse it, and you can trust us to only share what we really love with you.

What are Affiliate Links? Why do you use them?

Affiliate links are pathways to products that are tracked to show that the traffic to the site comes from Simplicity & Coffee. They don't cost the reader anything to click, and we receive a small percentage of payment in return for the traffic we send to these sites. Affiliate links are one of the ways we generate income and track what our audience is loving.

When you link something similar instead of the exact item, why do you do it and what does that mean?

We link a similar item for two reasons. First, when what we share is either old or sold out. The similar item is always something comparable to the item we highlighted and comes from a store or clothing line that we love and trust the quality of. Second, when an item is at a higher price point, we will often link more affordable,  comparable options to meet every budget.

Sizing & Fit Information

Figuring out if and how something will fit you is one of the hardest things when shopping online. We always try to share if something fits us True To Size (TTS), or differently. If it isn't TTS, we share what changes we made (i.e. up a size, down a size, etc). If we recommend something as running TTS, then you should purchase your true size when ordering that item.

     Why Don't You Share Exact Sizes?

We intentionally don't share exact sizes, weights, or descriptions of our contributors because we believe every woman and every body is beautiful, and deserves to be well dressed.

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