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Let's be real for a minute - Skinny jeans are a sleek, simple, classic silhouette, and they're not going anywhere. That being said, there are so many fun options that aren't denim skinnies right now, and I have been loving my time away from them. Here are a few of my current non-skinny favs:

I've been loving how versatile this non-jersey jogger is. It's easy to go sporty-casual, or add some heels and a slinky top for a date night look. My favorite pair is still fully stocked and only $30 .

These aren't the baggy ones you remember from college (yep, right there with you 90's babes. I did that too). Instead, there are some amazing high-waisted options with killer lines. My favorites are this pair with their cinched ankles. It adds so much interest to your look. They're currently $40 and come in three colors (my favs are the olive & black).

This silhouette is timeless like the skinny, but a little more relaxed. It feels like the jean my 30-something self should be in 90% of the time. It works with everything, but my favorite way to style it right now is with a sleeveless crop sweater and some espadrille flats. It screams casual sophistication (which is good, because my toddler is often screaming everything but. It's all about balance ;-) ). A few favs include this mid-wash pair, and this lighter finish (I own the in a mid-wash and love them). I also think this $20 pair would be a great affordable option (they're the same brand as my mom jeans).

High waisted, relaxed fit goodness. This pair of jeans is comfortable from beginning to end. I love how laid back the vibe is, and how easy they are to pair with more polished pieces for the perfect amount of effortless sophistication. Mine are a $22 find that I can't stop styling.

I splurged on these last year and I'm so glad I did! The shorter length and flirty kick make these jeans such a fun pair to wear. I especially love to pair them with sock booties in the fall, or anything that has an ankle strap, since they're the perfect length to show them off!

Bonus Round: try a skirt!

I've been absolutely loving wearing longer skirts lately. A few favs include this high-waisted sweater midi or wearing this $30 slip dress as a skirt! Just layer on a t-shirt, a crop sweater or a belted tunic for the perfect no fuss outfit.


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