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On me - Shoes: Vince | Jeans: Express | Sunnies c/o DiffEyewear

On Evie - Overalls: OshKosh Bgosh | Sandals: Target | Onesie: Carter's | Bow: Baby Bling

If there's one thing I've learned about being a mom, it's that my every day look needs to be 2-3 pieces at most, and they need to go on quickly and mix + match effortlessly. While I've had my jeans and a cute top look down pat since college, I needed to re-think my shoe game. My usual go-to before Evie was always a cute heel. I only purchased comfy ones, so I could easily wear them all day, and I didn't have an active 1 year old to chase up, down, and around.

These days, heels just don't cut it as a daily shoe choice, but neither do I want tennies to be my every day look. I need something functional, effortless, and elevated. I needed to add some statement slides to my life. And, given my current obsession with white shoes (seriously. The crush is so real... the last four pairs of shoes I've purchased have been white!), they also needed to be white. And not make my already short legs actually look short. So when I came across these white mules by Vince with their chic little "V", I knew I'd found my shoe.

They took a day of breaking in, but have been nothing but soft, supple, comfortable leather since then. I couldn't be more thrilled with my purchase - and right now they're under $200, which is a steal for a shoe like this. And, while I was a *tad* hesitant to get the white, I must say they've held up beautifully. I use my leather cleaner & conditioner for my handbags on them, and it keeps them soft and white #winning.

I found them to run true to size, and would highly recommend this as the perfect investment pair of mules for your spring & summer styling!


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