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Dress: Express | Shoes: Coach | Bag: Madewell | Sunnies: c/o DiffEyewear | Bracelet: c/o Victoria Emerson

I do too much. Each day, I make a mental list - but I know myself - so I then take 1/3 to 1/2 of that list and put it on a to do later this week list and schedule it out. Otherwise, I'd run myself ragged. Is anyone else like that? I can - and sometimes do - schedule myself from waking up to falling into bed. Those days are miserable. It's hard to be a patient mom, a loving wife, a kind friend, and a creative entrepreneur when I'm running on E. I've had to learn to find space for myself each day. Usually I combine it with a meal (because I'm also terrible about eating) and spend 15 -30 minutes relaxing. Not being scheduled, not accomplishing anything, just breathing. It makes me a much better person.

With so many things on my list each day, the last thing I need is a 20 minute "I Have Nothing to WEAR!" breakdown in my closet, so I've started to add lots of one and done pieces to my wardrobe, like this breezy striped shirt dress from Express (okay, it's technically a duster, but if you button it up ... dress). I love how adding a handful of accessories finishes the look in minutes for a sophisticated style that is just as effortless as it looks.

You all know - and love - my DiffEyewear sunnies (the Becky in gold gradient), so I'll leave those alone... but I do need to mention round bags! They're having a moment this season, and I'm so glad! I picked this one up at Madewell last year, and I'm loving the chance to carry it more. I've linked a few of my favorites at a range of price points for you to shop below!

I also plan to put this dress on over shorts and tanks with sandals this summer! Won't that be adorable??


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