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On Me - Top: Express | Slides: Sam Edelman | Sunnies: c/o DiffEyewear | Earrings: c/o Victoria Emerson |

Bracelet: c/o Victoria Emerson

On Evie - Top: Kohls | Bottoms: Kohls | Sandals: Target | Bow: Baby Bling

Being a mom is a constant rollercoaster between feeling like you're a freakin' rockstar and being completely convinced that you're failing at life. When I look at Evie, I can't help but think about how much I want to pour into her all the pieces she needs to be a whole, healthy woman someday. I want her to know she's precious. She's beautiful. She's loved, and she's worthy. I want her to know that she isn't enough just in herself, and that's not only okay, but that too is beautiful and freeing because she is loved and all her lacks are supplied by the One who is enough. I want the words I speak and the actions I take to show her, constantly, that she is absolutely amazing, and to help her believe that she is every bit as precious as I know she is.

I wish I could tell you that I nail this every single day. But I don't. Some days I tell her she's exhausting. Some days I tell her to be quiet. To just stop. That she's making mommy tired. Ugh. You have no idea how hard I just cringed writing that. What horrible, ugly things to say to my daughter. Because she isn't exhausting - I'm just exhausted. She doesn't need to be quiet - she needs to be taught how to share her feelings in a more constructive way. She doesn't make mommy tired. Mommy just gets tired, because she's human too.

I'm not perfect, and neither is she, but I want to strive with every bit of my self to leave her a legacy of love, of worth, of value. I pray that I'm given the strength I need, the patience I lack, and even more love than I have in myself to accomplish it.

On a lighter note, I also hope to leave her a legacy of knowing how to style herself! Since I'm still in charge of her look (& taking full advantage of it while I can!), we are #twinning a bit again =)

I'm loving this lightweight sweater from Express for spring. It's thin enough to be comfortable on warmer days but provides enough coverage for that occasional cool breeze. I paired it with some denim cutoffs and my current obsession, the Sam Edelman Bay slides. So comfy. So stylish. They come in 7 colors (including black, white and this fun yellow/camel combo!), and are $80. A bit of a splurge? Maybe. But on par with other slides this quality that are out right now. And with how comfy they are, I think they're the best pair out right now (which is why I bought them!) ;) I finished the look off with some Victoria Emerson earrings and my current favorite oversized sunnies.

For Evie, I found this A-DORABLE peplum Giraffe top for just $6 (!!!). I had to pick it up, since I'd already impulse-purchased her first pair of sandals, which are rose gold giraffes. Since the giraffes on her shirt had polkadots on them, I added these little ruffle-bottom shorts (also just $6!) that have polkadots too, and topped it all off with one of our Baby Bling bows. They're the only bows she wears, since they are soft, super-stretchy, and the wide band doesn't leave indents on her little head. It also keeps her growing hair out of her eyes, which is a necessity these days!

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