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On Me - Top: Express | Bottoms: similar | Shoes: similar | Sunnies: c/0 Diff Eyewear

On Evie - Top: Target | Bottoms: Old Navy | Bow: Baby Bling | Shoes: Sam Edelman

I love twinning with Evie. Before she arrived, I didn't think I'd be one of those moms....but I so am!!! There's just something about being coordinated with my little lady that makes me oh so happy! Sometimes we match pretty darn closely... like down to the same brand & style of shoes... but more often than not, we're just really well coordinated. For those of you who want to twin with your kiddos without being too matchy-matchy, I've pulled together my top style tips for twinning with your little.

1) Match your colors from top to bottom.

Evie's top is blush? So's mine. And even though we don't have the same bottoms on ... I mean, grey leopard print looks waaaay better on her than me ... we do both have black/grey shades on for pants. Another great example is from our 10 Month Motherhood update. Denim & grey tops for both of us, but different enough that we match without being the same.

2) Shoes should always have something in common.

Same brand, same color, same style... it doesn't have to be all of them, but it should be at least one of them! For example: we both wore Sam Edelman pom pom shoes (hers & mine) for our holiday cards!

3) Shop for them with your wardrobe in mind.

Kids wardrobes change every 90 days or so. As adults, ours have much more longevity. So when I shop for Evie, I keep my current fav pieces in mind, and see if anything that would match those catches my eye! For example, we currently both have grey joggers (found hers in the boys department & these Nike's are my fav!), denim jackets, grey Uggs (hers & mine), blush sweaters (hers & mine), and grey tops (mine & hers). These overlaps make dressing similarly a breeze.

4) Some things are splurge-worthy.

Not everything, and not often, but some things are totally worth splurging for to be matchy! For example, as soon as her feet are big enough, we are getting all the matching tennies! (I love these blush Adidas for her and for me, and you know these Nike shoes are hitting my closet once these ones are in hers!)

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