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Skirt: Express | Sweater: Madewell | Boots: Steve Madden | Hat: similar | Sunnies: Le Spec | Bag: Coach

It was so easy before Evie. But if there's one thing a kid does, it's wear you out. Between pregnancy and new parenthood, G and I have been so perpetually tired that it's hard to muster the energy to get dressed and go out together. Alone.

But it's so important! If there's anything in my life that's worth making the effort for, it's definitely G. It's not easy (because, let's face it, the things that are worth it rarely are easy), but it's so worth the investment. We see our relationship and personal health flourish when we do it. This might not work for everyone, but here are three tips for how we continue to make the other person a priority:

1) We go out, twice a month, alone.

Yep, you read that right. 2x a month, we have a dedicated time away from Evie, just the two of us. We started when she was just a few months old, and the first time was so hard! But, we found a sitter we trust, had all the different apps to watch Evie on, and started spending time talking to each other about us. Not about Evie - us. It makes all the difference. We also make a point to dress up for each other. It tells the other person that they're special, when you make the effort to look good for them.

2) We spend time connecting every evening after Evie's down.

Each night, once Evie's in bed, we take an hour or two and just talk. Catch up about our days. Enjoy a cocktail. Watch another episode of West World or Game of Thrones. We have time that's just us, with no expectations besides companionship and sweatpants. Glory.

3) We make sure to be intimate regularly.

*gasp* Can you believe I said that?! But honestly, it's so important. We need that physical connection with our spouse. It solidifies and affirms the emotional and mental bond we share. It's not always easy to want to - sometimes you're just so d@mn tired - but every time we've rallied anyway, it's always been worth it ;-)

Now, can we talk about this outfit? I really love this faux leather skirt. It was a step outside my usual comfort zone, but it fit in with my words, and added some much needed edge to my wardrobe. I'm so glad I decided to go for it, because I've worn it so many times! I dressed it up with heels and a flirty black top for a fancy night out, went slightly elevated with a button-down, and for this look, paired it with the softest color-block V neck and a fedora. It's the perfect upscale edgy look for a night out.

My OTK boots are currently on major sale (under $65!) and are the best pair I've ever had on my feet (and yep, I tried the Stuarts). I love how soft they are, that they never slide down, and don't bunch around the ankles. They fit TTS for me - and they also come in this delicious cognac shade!

Thanks for stopping by! Now go give that man of yours a hug - it'll do you both good ;-)

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