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Everyone said that the beginning was the hardest - the Newborn Phase - sleepless nights, inexplicable crying, feeding issues... the list goes on and on. But it wasn't hard for us. We have what I hear is called a Unicorn Baby. Evie had no trouble latching, or using a bottle, or a pacifier. We did all three, in fact, from day one. Evie slept like a champ from day one. We started with 3 hour increments, after which she'd fall right back asleep. Then she moved on to 4, then 6, then 8, and by week 10 she was sleeping through the night (7 to 7, which she still does). That "infamous" time change? Evie just "magically" decided to sleep until the new 7 AM when we "fell back" a few weeks ago. See? Unicorn Baby. And while I was tired sometimes, it was from trying to do too much, not from Evie.

Then she hit Seven Months.

Is there a switch that goes off at 7 months no one told me about? Because Hot D@mn, it's a whole new ball game.

Top: Express | Skirt: Express | Shoes: Steve Madden | Sunnies: Le Spec | Bag: Coach

Evie is still an amazing little girl - I don't think I've ever known someone so full of life, and joy, and giggles - but she is an opinionated little handful intent on discovering her world and angry when she can't do as much, or go as fast, or do things her way. And it tests my patience. For the first time, as a mom, I'm at the edge of not being grace-full.

Actually, this look made me think about the word graceful when I saw the shots. The skirt & boots combo gives me such long lines (impressive for my 5'2" frame!). I love that my boots don't slide down or bunch (and are under $100!). My top is a lightweight material (I also have it in a maroon stripe!), and perfect for that elevated undone look. The look - and feel - of this whole outfit (for me, anyway), was graceful.

It also made me think about how full of grace I need to be right now. Grace for myself, when I struggle with handling everything, being patient and kind to Evie, and still having something to give my husband (and this little corner of the web!). Grace for Evie, as she struggles to learn, and grow, and become her own little person. And Grace for G, as he works hard all day, then steps in to invest in Evie and a very burnt-out me. Grace-Full is something I need to be, and want to become.

How do you juggle all your different hats with grace? I'd love to hear from you!

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