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Top: Express | Jeans: Harper | Shoes: Similar | Bag: Old, Similar here | Sunnies: Le Spec

I'm not one to be very feminine. Frills and flounces are just not my thing - My thing is Structured, Classic, Minimal, Elegant, & Slightly Edgy. So at first glance, this look is a *bit* out of character. But sometimes it's nice to get out of your comfort zone without completely leaving the neighborhood ;-)

Speaking of comfort zone, let's chat a bit about mine! I have so many new readers, that it's definitely time for a quick "getting to know me" post.

I'm a California girl who grew up on the beach, got engaged in the Bahamas, married in Wine Country, and started wife life in San Francisco. This combo is what really developed my lifestyle, and is definitely what you'll see reflected here across all categories of the blog. The effortless style of the beach is something I carry through my clothing and my home. Anything that is multifunctional, easy, and simple finds a place with us, rather it's baby gear, the perfect one-and-done top, or a beautiful piece of furniture.

In 2016, G took a promotion and we moved the family (just us and Claire, our Cavalier, at the time) to Houston. I took the opportunity to start blogging full-time, and a year later we added a new puppy (our whippet, Chloe), and our beautiful daughter Evelyn Rose to the mix.

Even though the family is bigger, life hasn't slowed down! We still leave the country at least once a year (even Evie has her passport!), and travel every few months around the states. I love to travel, and plan to share more on how we do that quickly and efficiently as a family with a little under the age of 1!

Now to touch on my outfit briefly!! This look is classic and elegant, thanks to the pearls, and my minimal hair style grounds the look quite nicely. I love that it's essentially three pieces (top, shoes, jeans) but has a ton of interest. Effortless is the name of the game, and this outfit is that for sure. Pearl embellishments are so in, and I love how they look on these boyfriend jeans (which are super soft and under $50). In fact, you can get this whole look (top, jeans, shoes) for under $140 (yep, that's all three pieces!)

Is there anything else you want to know about me? Posts you'd like to see? Comment below! I'd love to know.

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