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It's no secret that I love my accessories. Shoes, bags, and sunnies are my favorite things to purchase and splurge on for few reasons. First off, they always fit. Second, the right accessories retain (and possibly gain!) value if they're taken care of correctly. And finally, they add instant interest, elevation, and character to any look.

As many of you know, during my pregnancy I put a pause on buying shoes (because who knows if they'll fit?! Thankfully, my feet didn't swell or grow! whew!) and instead invested my $$ in bags. And oh what gorgeous bags I have! I don't go for quantity, but instead for quality and pieces that each fill a unique place in my closet so that I have a well rounded collection.

As I was going through them all this past week, I thought it would be a great idea to share them with you, and chat a bit about what bags you need to create a capsule collection of handbags. So, without further ado, here are my 5 picks to create a perfectly versatile handbag wardrobe:


The perfect bag to toss in an oversized tote or carry for a night out, the Clutch is a quintessential staple. I personally love one that's versatile, like this darling Tory Burch bag. The silver hardware and logo make a statement while keeping the bag neutral enough to go with practically everything in my closet. I also love that this bag can become a crossbody (versatility is one of my favorite things!)


Bag: Coach

This is the bag you need for every day life. It holds all your staples while remaining lightweight and keeping your hands free. It's easier to run around with than a shoulder-tote, and I find that it causes less shoulder pain after being worn all day too! Again, pick something that has statement making details but is neutral enough to go with everything, like this beautiful saddlebag from Coach. The contrasting stitching, beautiful hardware, and monogrammed tag all make a statement without detracting from the bag's versatility.


I became familiar with this member of the purse family while living in San Francisco, and I'm never going to be without one again! It held purchases when I was out shopping for the day, changes of shoes when I needed to go from day to night, and everything in between. My favorite is this reversible one that is sold at Nordstrom for less than $50! It's held up perfectly year after year, and I love that I get two bags in one!


My personal favorite choice for this is a straw tote. It works great for carrying everything you pick up when out shopping a cute local market, carries everything you need to the beach, or holds your essentials poolside.


(currently shopping for this one!)

Finally, you need one bag in your collection that has an undeniable wow factor. This bag isn't about neutral statements. No. This bag is the star of the show. Pick something you love that can work with a black tie dress and jeans with your favorite heels. I personally find the animal print clutches from Clare V to fit the bill perfectly. I'm seriously in love with the blush, black, and white variation on leopard print she has this year!

And that's it! The five bags you need to have the perfect capsule collection. Let me know if you have any questions! As always, splurge for quality here. You want 5 pieces you'll love so much that you skip right past the accessories section at Target ;-) It'll serve you better in the long run.

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