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Oh, 3rd Trimester. How difficult you are! Unfortunately, the honeymoon 2nd trimester is bookended with the "I just feel bloated and can't stop vomiting and sleeping" 1st trimester and the home-stretch 3rd, which for me was "I hurt, I hurt, oh gosh, I hurt. Don't touch me. Can I please not be pregnant now?"

That being said, I felt worse on the days I didn't get dressed and stayed in G's boxers and t-shirts (true story! I lived in my hubby's clothes when at home!) than the days I put some effort into hair, makeup, and style. I think the key to fashion and feeling good in the 3rd trimester is to make your outfits effortless, chic, and (above all!) comfy! Are you ready for my top three styling tips to rock your 3rd trimester body? Here we go!


Okay, this may not be something everyone sees, but I guarantee it will make you smile longer each day! I couldn't go without support for my back and belly, even just lounging at home. I highly recommend you invest in a black and a white Blanqi Maternity Support Tank. No, they didn't pay me to say it, and yes, besides the Snoogle, this is the single best thing you can do for your physical and emotional sanity while pregnant. I love that the tanks are cute on their own, or can be worn under anything without bumps or lines. They also help even out and boost your bump, which is a real struggle this trimester.


I didn't wear a lot of dresses the other two trimesters, largely because I'm a jeans girl through and through, but you are so uncomfortable in your own skin during this trimester that the thought of anything constricting or tight makes you want to climb up a wall. Enter the dress. I have been absolutely loving the two dresses I received from Ingrid & Isabel (you'll see full posts on the black bodycon and white eyelet later this month!), the green maxi from PinkBlush (post here!) and my new nursing maxi's from Seraphine (I have this sporty one in grey and this beautiful pleated number in black).


The best way to add style without compromising comfort is through your accessories! I have been really enjoying necklaces, sunglasses, bags, and comfy yet stylish shoes these days. I can't recommend my Coach Rogue bags (Grey Suede and Cream Pebble Leather ... so worth the investment!) my two new pairs of Steve Madden sandals (high wedge and platform), and mirrored sunnies enough. They seriously add the perfect chic touch to every outfit and don't compromise the comfort!

I hope these tips help you nail your 3rd Trimester style with ease and comfort! Keep rockin' that bump, Mama! You're almost done.

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