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First trimester... What a strange phase this one can be. Along with symptoms you may or may not have, there's also the strange feeling of knowing that you're growing a tiny human and you feel so much bigger... except that no one else can really tell. To the outside world, you just ate too many burritos. So how do you dress, when you don't have the flat abs of pre-baby, and don't have the fun bump of second trimester? I've got a few tips that make those days you're not passed out on the couch a bit more effortless and fashion-forward.


This was a life-saver for me well into the second trimester, when my jeans would no longer zip but I was too tiny to wear maternity pants. I found one that worked just fine for my frame at Target, but I hear that this one is great, too! (Side note: I didn't gain any weight during first trimester due to severe morning sickness, but my belly still managed to expand enough to need one of these to put my pants on! It made life so good when I managed to get dressed and go outside).

Totally had a belly band on for these shots!


Ok, maybe not "nothing but", but still, I highly recommend rocking heels as often as possible this trimester for a few reasons:

  • You already feel gross, and it's harder to think of yourself as sexy when you literally just want to throw up and sleep ALL THE TIME. Heels help elevate you mentally and physically when you make it out of the house.

  • While you can (and should!) wear whatever shoes feel right to you all three trimesters, this one is going to be the easiest to wear them like you did pre-pregnancy. So enjoy and embrace it!

  • If you're like me, many of your heels are among the comfiest shoes you own, anyway. See below for a few of my favorites (many of which I am still wearing all day long at 34 weeks).


If you want to flaunt the tiny bump you have, DO IT! Rock those bodycon dresses and snug tanks. If you'd rather keep things under wraps for a bit, do that too. A flowy tunic over your jeans & belly band is the perfect combo for hiding your newly emerging bump.

That's it! First trimester dressing is really all about mental attitude and what feels best for you, since your body is changing but hasn't changed too drastically yet!

I spy a tiny bump!

The day my Photog @itssofiaemm found out I was preggers!

Do any of you mamas have tips? Share them below!

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