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While I do plan on upgrading some of my pieces to real leather someday, right now I'm a big fan of faux. I've had these faux leather leggings forever (love them!), and I'm sure you're tired of hearing how obsessed I am with my Express (minus the) Leather Jackets (gushed about them here, here, here and here).

This year I signed on as an ambassador with PoshSquare (you can shop their website here) and was privileged to get to pick out three pieces to share with you through the next several months!

Sweater: c/o PoshSquare | Leggings: similar | Boots: similar | Sunnies: similar

This first piece is a chunky, soft knit grey sweater with the darling-est faux leather patches on the sleeves. Since it was a big piece, I went with slim leggings and simple, metallic accents.

I can't wait to rock this look again during the holidays when I've got a serious #babybump showing. Can you imagine how cute it's going to be?!


Since this is one of my first collaborative posts with PoshSquare, I wanted to include this side note:

as with anything, I don't share it unless I love it. I have stepped out of contracts before because I couldn't honestly rave about the item, so when I say I love this chunky sweater

it's because it's true! Not because I was compensated ;-)

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