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"What is that, Velvet?"

You know that's the first thing that came into your mind when you saw the title, Reader! (just keepin' it real). But in all seriousness, velvet is big this fall, and it's one of the trends I've struggled with how to incorporate well. I keep asking myself if whatever I purchase in velvet will become a statement piece in my wardrobe long-term, or if it's a trend I need to spend a little $$ on then let go after the season passes.

Wherever you fall on that spectrum, I have some options!

If you're looking to embrace the trend then let it go, I love this velvet skirt from H&M. At less than $15, it's the perfect little layering piece that you can love then leave without guilt once the fad has faded. I also love the idea of a touch of velvet, like in this ASOS fedora, and at $10 it's a steal! Although it's so cute, it just might have a permanent home in my wardrobe! Bonus: Everything on my Trend list is less than $50!

1 H&M | 2 ASOS | 3 DUNE | 4 ASOS

If you really love velvet ("It's beautiful!"), then you might want to splurge a little. These velvet pants from Rag + Bone are the perfect subtle-sophisticated touch of velvet that will wear well year after year. I also really like this Eileen Fisher trench. Bonus? It's washable!! And, of course, for the true velvet lover, this YSL velvet chain shoulder bag is sheer perfection.

Bonus: I just found these Steve Madden booties that are slim AND velvet. Win big by combining two trends for less than $150! I think this is the velvet item that will be joining my wardrobe this fall.

What velvet pieces are you thinking about adding to your wardrobe this fall?

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