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I love a good little black dress. My closet is full of them. Casual, cocktail, elegant and edgy, they each have something unique about them that I love. Every woman needs at least one go-to LBD in her closet, and today I'm sharing my long-time favorite. It's structured without being restricting, has a classic silhouette, and contains minimal detailing, but the details it does have? They're just edgy enough to make me feel elegantly sexy.

I shared about this dress in Part II of Building the Perfect Wardrobe, but wanted to share more details on how to find the perfect LBD for you along with some of my favorite classic LBD silhouettes.

As with everything, keep your words in mind when choosing your LBD. The one I'm sharing in this post hits all the right notes for me:

I love the way the scoop neck highlights my collarbone. The length is short without being too short, and it hugs my curves just right.

The touch of leather and studding give me just enough edge to feel at home, without taking the dress outside the realm of classic, elegant and minimal.

While I've had my dress for ages, there are still many LBD's out there that would fit the bill. Some of my favorites are this one, which contains the perfect amount of edge, this one that has classic, clean lines. and this one with the simple off the shoulder look.

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