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I love shoes. I love the way they can instantly elevate you, physically and emotionally. I love how a good pair of heels can run through a city all day with you and a killer pair of flats can make people ask "what heels?", and I love how they can create so many looks from one simple item of clothing.

While I have way (okay, G, way way more!) than 5 pairs of shoes in my closet, there are 5 pairs that I consider my basics. My go-tos. The five I would keep out for endless mix-and-match outfits if everything else had to be boxed and moved. While what each of these shoes looks like might vary for you, here are the 5 categories of must-have shoes that should be part of every woman's core capsule:


These Steve Madden shoes keep popping up on me and in these posts for one reason: They're just.that.good. The comfort level can't be beat, and the lace-up detail adds such a playful, edgy touch that I can't help but be in love with them. It's been 18 months, Reader, and I think I'm in love! They run true to size.


You can't beat a classic white tennis shoe for clean, simple versatility. I love the Adidas Neo because it has no embellishment aside from the black and white stripe on the back. Perfection. I sized down 1/2 a size for my perfect fit.


What can I say? We all need a clean, classic black pump in our lives. While my dream pair is a elegant Louboutin, these have done the trick for many years. Look for real leather for maximum comfort, like this pair or this pair.


With jeans, a dress, or even shorts on date night, a simple wedge words wonders. They're more comfortable than a heel and dressier than a flat. I recently had to replace my wedge collection (my old ones made it 9 years, but the cobbler couldn't repair them any more!) and am so glad that I found the Steve Madden Esme. They're simple, versatile and oh so comfortable. I sized down 1/2 a size.


These may be heels for you, or flats like mine, but whatever the case, we all need a good strappy sandal! I love the Sam Edelman Gigi because it's barely-there profile makes it the perfect accompaniment for my simple jeans and statement dresses alike. Runs TTS.

Did I miss something that you would have put on this list? Let me know below! I'd love to hear what your five must-have shoes are!

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