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Full disclosure: the inspiration for this post came from talking about my "Perfect Wardrobe" series with my amazing Photographer, Sofia (her website here, and Instagram here). As we chatted and she shot, I realized that it would be so valuable to share some tips on how to style and integrate your staples and statements! With that in mind, here are a few of my staples mixed with one of my favorite statements.

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (username: simplicityandco), you know that I'm currently obsessed/in love with this cut-out back top from Trouve (I currently have black and white, and will own the olive green once they finally restock it in my size!). Both shirts, along with my camel colored faux suede thick heeled sandals from Express, are currently in my office as my favorites on rotation.

This look works well for a few reasons:


Nothing is competing with anything else in the color realm. Even my necklace is neutral.


While the whole look has details I adore, the only really eye-catching piece is my necklace. Everything else is supporting cast (gorgeous, but supporting)


This look doesn't only have pieces that fit my words; as a whole it embodies my words. My silhouette is classic and structured. With the neutral color scheme and understated details on the majority of the pieces, my look embraces minimalism. The lines and my necklace lend an air of elegance, and you can't be anything less than slightly edgy with a good leather jacket and perfectly fitted denim.

While all three things make this outfit work, I think that as a universal rule Number 3 is most important. Keep your words in mind when picking pieces and styling outfits, and you're sure to feel at home in your own skin and whole wardrobe.

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