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I love big sunglasses. I always have. But I spent the last several decades of my life convinced I could never wear them because my face/head is small (Seriously, Reader; I wear baseball caps from the kids department! Women's hats in one every 10 years maybe... fit me). So every time I grabbed that big, vintage looking pair at Target to see if maybe this time it worked...nope.

But now, in my 30's, I finally figured it out: a petite, small faced person CAN wear oversized accessories - it's all about scale. You have to find what's oversized for YOU. And when I say "oversized", what I don't mean is "too big". They should still look like they fit you.

For example, I LOVE these Prada sunnies. They are big, vintage, and oversized on me. They're not oversized on everyone. But on me? Yes, they are, and they still fit the scale of my face.

Same with this large, reversible tote from Nordstrom. It's big. It's oversized so it carries ALL my stuff for a day out running around. But it's not so big that it dwarfs me.

Take away points:

1) Oversized doesn't mean "too big"

2) It's all about scale - find what works on you

3) Keep it to 1 to 2 pieces; everything oversized will dwarf you.

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