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You would think this would be one I'd hold to; especially since I have a short torso (it's true, Reader. I have a waist... and it's like 1 1/2" tall. That's it. #tiny). But, just like the sign on the fence that says "Keep Out" makes me want to hop it, the idea that I shouldn't wear thick belts makes me want to do it anyway.

And, thanks to this belt from BCBG Maxazria, I think I pull it off quite nicely.

Shoes: Steve Madden | Belt: BCBG, similar here | Dress: Splendid

I love BCBG belts because their XXS sizing actually fits my waist! I love this belt in particular for a few reasons. First are the stripes. They create visual space that works well on my petite frame, because even the belt is broken up into smaller visual bites. Secondly, the buckle space on the front is small enough from side to side that you can still see belt in the front, making it not look too big for me.

Finally, this look works because I am breaking myself up strategically in the middle and giving myself legs for days with the shorter length and the heels.

Don't you want to try a thick belt, too?

#WNTW #WhatnottoWear

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