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Okay, this one kinda makes sense. I mean, as petite women, if we wear a calf-length hemline, we are basically showing like 8-10 inches of lower leg. It's hard not to make yourself look even shorter and disproportioned with a number like that. However, like anything, it can be done! It just takes some creativity to figure out how to still make yourself look tall. My answer: MONOCHROME.

Skirt: Express | Top: Express | Tote: Nordstrom | Tennies: Michael Kors | Overshirt: AEO | Watch: Guess

The trick here is to wear all one color, so from your neck to your knees you are one tall drink of whatever-shade-you-choose. As per usual, I went with black. Neiman Marcus said "Women in black lead colorful lives", and I tend to agree! It's chic, simple, sophisticated, and the perfect frame for the work of art that is *me*.

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