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I've been pondering this series for a while, Reader, and since today is International Woman's Day (who decided that? and why is it not more widely celebrated? Hallmark should make a line of cards, am I right?!) I thought it gave me the perfect platform for launching this series.

As I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed a few weeks back, I stumbled upon this graphic from

This made me laugh, and smile, and my inner rule-breaker lept out of the closet wearing all ten items! (Okay, not literally, but figuratively? Oh yeah.) You see, Reader, I'm 5'2", and on my heaviest days weigh in at a whopping 106 lbs. I'm cute, tiny, petite. Regardless, the majority of these "DON'T!" rules are things I do ALL THE TIME. Many of my favorite pieces fall into the "DO NOT" category. So I've decided to do a ten-week series on how to rock the trends that are supposed to be taboo. Because large, vintage sunnies are for everyone, and ankle straps are too timeless and classic to stay out of my closet.

So keep your eyes peeled and tune-in every Tuesday through May 24th to see how I am rocking the very thing I should be shying away from!

P.S. don't forget to get yourself a glass of champagne and some chocolate tonight! It's National Women's Day, and that should be celebrated! And anyway, a glass of champagne is always a good idea! ;-)

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