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This past weekend, my folks came to visit. It was so exciting to have family come to Houston for the first time since we've moved here. It ended up being a big adventure, since G and I haven't had a lot of opprtunity to explore the city yet. One of the things that has been on our list since moving here is the zoo. So, we took advantage of having out of town guests and beautiful weather and headed to Hermann Park for the day.

I knew I would want something that was comfy for walking around in the warm weather, but also be able to add layers for the AC that makes the interior positively glacial in Houston buildings! So I chose my current favorite kicks and a plaid button-down.

I paired these two items with a few of my staples: my favorite pair of jeans, the red crossbody that followed me all over Europe and continues to be a wardrobe constant, and my favorite tank top ever, from Express a few years back.

Shoes: Keds | Jeans: Guess | Tank Top: Express old, similar here | Button-down: Target old, similar here | Purse: Diane von Furstenburg old, similar here

I've linked the exact shoes, and added a few alternatives for the older pieces that are by some of my favorite designers. Please note that the links are affiliate links, and by clicking them you help support me! Thank you!

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