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Until I purchased the OTK Boots from Guess back in 2014 featured in this post and this post, I had never owned a pair of suede shoes. Since then, they've been all I purchased (with the exception of two pairs of tennies). I'm obsessed with suede right now. Suede boots, suede flats, suede heels.. I want, and now own, them all. So today I've rounded up a few of my favorites to share with you.

First up, the Steve Madden LeCrew:

These are easily the most comfortable flats I've ever owned. Just the right amount of cushion, incredibly soft and flexible, and the blush color is to die for. A note: I scotch-guard all my suede shoes, and it has served me well! They have stayed spot-free and non-dingy (want proof? Check out the way they look in the pic above, from Labor Day, and my Valentine's Day Brunch post! Same shoes, still spotless!)

My next favorite Suede shoe: The Charles David Suede Blend Boot:

I wore these every day in London and Rome while we were there last November, and continued to wear them almost daily through early January. They hold their shape remarkably well, especially if you hang them up with boot hangers, and they are flexible and comfy!

Now for the dream suede: The Stuart Weitzman Highland and Lowland Boots. I have tried them both on, and while I can't bring myself to spend the $$ just yet, I also can't bring myself to purchase a filler. There just isn't anything that slides on so smoothly or fits like a glove the way the Stuart boots do. If you can splurge, they are decidedly splurge-worthy!

If you want the look without the splurge, I also really like the Steve Madden Gorgeous OTK boot. For the cost, they provide an exceptional look and feel.

I hope you pick one or two of these and add some suede to your swagger! ;-)

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