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One of the constant struggles I face is loving fashion but knowing my own style, and sometimes the fashion industry chases trends that I just can't embrace (see my post on the 70's and fringe here). One such trend is the new "it' skirt for fall. It's A-line, which I'm okay with, but it's also short, and suede or corduroy or denim (denim is only my jam in jeans and one very special jacket, and I just don't wear corduroy EVER. Like, never ever. It was a style choice I still regret from my highschool-college days) and it has very 70's inspired buttons right down the front.

Yes, it can look absolutely adorable. It's just not my style (see my post on finding your style here). So, what to wear instead? I have collected a few of my favorite alternatives to share with you below!


I love both of these skirts. They both stay in the popular 70's color scheme, but decidedly don't feel dated. The atypical hemlines are fun and flirty while staying sophisticated. The stripes are simple and classic, and the leopard is just plain fun (which is no surprise if you know me! I'm a sucker for any animal print that isn't the "normal" colors.... much to G's dismay).

Images via ShopStyle


There is something urban and edgy about suede and leather that I love. The wool and leather blend skirt is perfection. I can't help but imagine myself wearing it with some over-the-knee boots, a classic portofino shirt (Express makes the best ones!). Speaking of Express, their high-waisted Minus-the-Leather is a beautiful, affordable addition to your fall closet! If you're feeling more suede, I really like this soft-rose colored suede by Asos.

Images via ShopStyle


If you follow my instagram, you know I'm really crushing on the athleisure trend. It's cute, sporty, casual, and ridiculously comfortable. Any of these skirts would be adorable with a soft sweater and some statement tennies! I especially like the short one from J Crew (it's on sale! bonus!) and simple high-waisted grey jersey. So versatile and comfy! Express also makes a really comfortable jersey skirt with a fun twist-front that's definitely worth a try!

Images via ShopStyle

P.S. you can shop all the skirts in this post in the sidebar! Isn't that just the best?

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