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I bought a new pair of shoes over the holidays, and I think I’m in love.

My wardrobe has been undergoing some modification since my move to San Francisco in the best of ways: I now have city streets and colder weather. The upswing? More layers, and slightly edgier accents. Bliss.

The shoes I purchased are a pair that my So Cal self never would have purchased, because, really, what use is there for wedge sneakers in a beach city?

That’s right. I invested in a pair of those “ridiculous” looking wedge sneakers, and even converted my husband, who was adamantly against them, into agreeing that they are “adorable”.

My pair was a bargain find at TJ Maxx. They are Michael Kors sneakers with a grey body and white soles.

My motivation for this purchase was cute, comfort, and practicality. One thing I’ve quickly learned running around on sidewalks covered with random metal grates and hopping off and on the subway is this: you need non-slip shoes. Furthermore, they need to be comfortable enough to walk a substantial number of hilly blocks but cute enough to fulfill my love of fashion. These sneakers hit all three marks and then some.

They are generously padded around the ankles, and the rubber soles are cushy, delightful, and decidedly non-slip.

I’ve been wearing them mostly with skinny jeans and leggings, and loving the sporty, casual edge they lend to my outfits. I’ve got a few pins that are inspiring my sneaker-related fashion choices, and I’ll be posting my Pinspired Outfits as I wear them in the coming weeks! Have you tried the wedge sneaker trend? What have you been wearing them with?

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