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Welcome to Part III of building your perfect wardrobe! So far, we’ve talked over some general principles (Part I) and how to purchase staples and statements based on your core style words (Part II). This week, we’re going to talk about our multiple personalities and how we can purchase things to allow us to dress for who we are that day while staying true to who we are at our core.

First off, grab your words again! As a reminder, mine are:



Minimal. Elegant.

Slightly Edgy.

Now, we’re going to take those words and apply them to several different styles. These styles are:

1) Edgy

2) Romantic

3) Casual

4) Fancy

Okay, here we go!


Some days, you just feel like a hard-core rock star. Much to my husband’s dismay, I often refer to myself as “totes legit” when I feel this way. It usually involves an epic faux-hawk instead of my standard loose, beachy waves. It also necessitates black eyeliner, dark lips, and (of course!) an outfit that leans a bit more edgy than my daily love for slight edge.

When I'm feeling this way, I almost always slip into my faux leather leggings or my distressed Guess Power Skinny jeans. While they are structured, classic, and minimal, both these pieces can easily transition from slightly edgy to full-stop edgy with just a few tweaks to the remainder of my outfit. A simple white top, strappy heels, and (if it's chilly!) my (minus the) Leather jacket usually complete the vibe.

If I'm feeling exceptionally edgy, I'll add a stud earring in one ear and a long earring in the other to top things off.


For me, this involves soft neutrals instead of my typically B&W dominate color scheme. I especially like blush, greys, and whites when I'm feeling this way. I also lean towards softer fabrics, like suede, when choosing my accessories. I especially love these sandals from Joe's Jeans, because they combine a neutral color with a soft suede finish.


My daily look. It’s comfortable, functional, structured, and classic. I almost always wear distressed boyfriend jeans, a bralette under a casual t-shirt or tank, and my Sam Edelman flats. My go-to earrings are simple but elegant diamond studs.


When I have the opportunity to get dressed up and go out, I lean towards items and looks that are classic, elegant, simple, and structured rather than edgy. I love to wear a structured dress with pop-of-color heels. One of my favorites is a simple LBD with some fun detailing and classic black heels.

I hope that helps! Remember, pick things that are edgy, romantic, casual or fancy but still true to your words! And, as always, feel free to contact me with questions or comments!!

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