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I’ve wanted to try a few fashion subscription services recently, and finally took the plunge with Rocksbox thanks to Veronica’s freebee over on The Four Threads (see her review of Rocksbox here).

The idea behinds Rocksbox is this: You pay a monthly fee ($19.00) to receive three pieces of designer jewelry that have been selected for you based on a survey you “fill out” (okay, it’s really a series of pictures and you choose your favs, so it’s super easy and kind of fun!). After you complete your survey, a stylist at Rocksbox puts together three pieces and sends them your way. They’re yours to wear for as long as you want! When you’re finished, you just pack them back up, stick the prepaid shipping label on the re-sealable bag the box was originally shipped in, and send it back! Your next box will come with three new pieces to enjoy! You can do this as many times as you want each month, and the cost is still just $19.

If you fall in love with a piece, you can choose to purchase it and keep it for your very own. There are great insider discounts and various incentives for earning “Shine Spend” that you can apply towards the purchase of your pieces. Make sense? Okay, onto what I thought of my box!

The packaging is exciting. You can’t help but be thrilled when you untie the cunning little black ribbon and open the box to be greeted by your name * exclamation point *! The black and white tissue paper is eye-catching, and the jewelry is fantastic. I’ve enjoyed playing with the bracelet and necklace in my box, but I fell in LOVE with the Kendra Scott earrings, and they will be staying with me when the rest of the package heads back to Rocksbox.

If you haven’t tried Rocksbox, do it!! I love the variety it introduces to your accessory life, without the commitment of purchasing a statement piece you’ll only wear a few times. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favorite pair of earrings! I certainly did!!

*Post not sponrored by Rocksbox*

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