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I love having my nails done. The problem is, I don't always want to spend an hour in the salon, and I definitely don't appreciate the inevitable chipping that occurs throughout the week. So, I do my nails at home fairly often. That way, when they chip I can touch them up since I own the polish. I considered investing in an at-home gel polish kit, but I didn't want to deal with the hassle of removing gel nails on a regular basis. As a result, I was painting my nails once a week, and touching them up every morning for a few days before removing the polish and rockin' the nude nails until I could start fresh that weekend.

That is, until I found out about Sallie Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish.

I'm in love. This polish is amazing, and the topcoat even extends the life of my regular polish.

You can get the polish just about anywhere (I usually grab mine at Target or Ulta), and if you use both the Miracle Gel polish and topcoat, your nails can last up to two weeks! Mine usually wear well until day 10 through my standard weekly actives (typing, dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc). Even if you use a regular polish and finish it off with the Miracle Gel Top Coat, my nails usually make it a full week, with light wearing (but no chipping!) at the tips.

And they have some amazing pink shades out, so they're perfect for your Valentine's Day look! Give them a try, and I'll bet you'll be crushing on them, too!

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