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I learned something this year that was surprising - well, it was surprising that I hadn't realized it before - your skin isn't only on your face. I know, shocker, right? Yet somehow it had escaped me when planning my skincare. I'm diligent about changing my routine to support my face through the seasons, and about making sure my core products are all in order - cleanse, exfoliate, tone, treat, moisturize, sunblock - but when it came to my body? It was generic body wash and affordable lotion all the way. Yes, it makes me shudder to think of it too.

This summer, I started using sunscreen every day, regardless of if I was going to be in the sun. Then a few weeks ago, I began to pay more attention to actually caring for my skin. I switched up my cleanser. I added an exfoliator. And I even have a body oil to help with the dryness that comes with changing seasons. Here are my current favs:

Daily Wash - I recently started using Necessaire, and it's growing on me! It made my skin feel drier the first week or so, but I loved the smell (sandalwood), so I kept using it. It's been 4 weeks now and my skin doesn't feel dry - it just feels toned and fresh.

Exfoliator - 1-2x a week I exfoliate with the Necessaire Body Exfoliator. I love how smooth it leaves my skin feeling!

Moisturizer - I'm a big big big fan of the Necessaire fragrance free body lotion. I don't like my lotion to compete with my perfume, so unscented is important to me. I love that this lotion feels creamy without being oily or leaving a residue.

Extras - I mix a few drops of the Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Body Oil in with my lotion to give my skin that extra boost of hydration during these drier months. You know I've been a big fan of the face oil in the same line, and the body oil is no exception. Love love love it.

Sunscreen - Supergoop makes some amazing, lightweight, non-oily every day options. This is my favorite for daily use, and I always use this when I'm going to be outside. Never once have I gotten a sunburn since I started using Supergoop, and I'm a fair skinned girl who burns easily.

Full Disclosure: I work with both Necessaire and Dermalogica in exchange for my feedback on products, but I don't have an obligation to share them with you. I'm sharing them because I genuinely love them, and hope you will too! They are both clean lines, have beautiful, functional packaging, and I've found them to work really well for my skin type (sensitive & normal).

A fun bonus for my followers - Necessaire is offering 10% off everything this weekend only (10/23 - 10/25) with code COFFEE10. Click here to access the sale!

Do you have favorite body skincare products? Drop them below!


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