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I don't cover a lot of sales here - partially because I dislike the rushed consumerism of it all - but there are a handful of sales every year that are so good I look forward to them, and share content around them. The Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Savings Event is one of them.

All my favorite hair, skin, and makeup brands can be found at Sephora (with the exception of my go-to lipstick), and this sale makes stocking up on my favorites easy. Another reason I love this sale in particular? Most of my favorites don't go on sale the rest of the year. So I use this opportunity to buy what I'll need for the next year at a discounted rate.

What exactly is the Sephora Sale? In a nutshell, it's one of two sales that Sephora has annually for their Beauty Insiders. Starting on 4/17, their top-tier members get 20% off. Then the mid-tier gets access on 4/21 at 15% off, and finally all insiders get access to the sale on 4/23 at 10% off. Being an Insider is free, and easy to sign up. Click here to sign up and get all the details for each tier.

I've broken it down into Skin, Hair, Beauty, and What I'm Eyeing to Try below. I'll be sharing a look at my favorites via Instagram stories over the next few weeks, so hop on there to see how I use them!


My complete AM and PM skincare routine are on sale, along with one of my favorite post-workout products (the Calm Water Gel Moisturizer) and one of my favorite everyday boosts, the Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask.


Caring for my hair is just as important as caring for my skin, and I have to tell you that the switch to Moroccan oil products has completely changed the health of my hair. My other two heavy hitters are the Aquis towel (no more split ends!) and using a charcoal cleanser before my shampoo/conditioner regime. Cleanse then nourish. Total game-changer.

As to the dry shampoo, I've tried so many. So so many. And nothing leaves my hair feeling as clean, fresh, or not powdery as Living Proof.


I have to be honest - I don't use a ton of beauty products. I spend my time, energy and $$ on caring for my skin and hair. But I do have a few every day favorites, so I'm sharing those here. As a quick highlight, anything Benefit is my favorite for my eyebrows and lashes. When it comes to eye makeup, I've tried so many things but keep coming back to Urban Decay. The staying power and deep pigmentation can't be beat. My favorite palette is back (yay!), and the colors are everything this perpetual summer So Cal girl could want.

Speaking of, I have two sets of favorites for that So Cal glow: the tinted moisturizer and powder from Laura Mercier, and St. Tropez for tanning.


I don't usually venture out too much from my favorites, but I have been eyeing a few things. I've been really into sleep masks lately, and Laneige has a few I want to get my hands on. I may grab a new set of eyeshadow colors to play with, and maybe a few new face masks, too.

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