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Confession: I was never into spooky season before having Evie. But, somehow it became her favorite holiday and now I can't get enough of the fun decorations. Maybe it's because it extends the holiday season another month. Maybe it's because, even if it's 99F outside, the decorations make it "feel" like Fall. But for whatever reason, we have started to really go for it the past two years.

This year, I brought the spooky to our living room with just a handful of affordable finds from Michaels and Target. Creepy cloth by the roll, sparkly spiders, and some paper bats brought our space to life. Each item was $5 or less, and I just love the result.

We also added a picture to our Frame TV for the season that feels spooky and ghost-like without taking the theme too literally (also for just a few dollars).

I love how everything came out, and look forward to enjoying it for the next month!

Shop all my favorite spooky finds below:


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