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Cozy seems to be the theme for Christmas this year. Everything started happening in earnest again in 2022. The quiet emptiness of 2020 has been fully replaced with all the busy bustle and frantic frenzy to do ALL the things again.

While I love being able to do everything again, I feel the draw to cozy simplicity in my home as a respite and space to recharge. I think that's coming across strong in this year's biggest holiday style trend: cozy and calm. I'm seeing lots of black, gold & green. Deep velvet ribbons. Organic greens. Brass bells. And faux fur everywhere. It's a table runner. A tree skirt. Pillows and throws.

I'm loving the cozy yet minimal vibe, and plan to add some more faux fur to our place this season. Here are a few of the pieces I'm currently eyeing:

Which are your favorite? Are you in for the faux fur trend? Let me know in the comments!

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