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I still can't believe what a massive difference the new tile made. It changed the entire feel of the bathroom. Can you believe it's peel and stick vinyl? Me neither. Vinyl tile has come a long way from back in the 80''s when it was my parents quick and easy update of choice. There are so many interesting patterns, sizes and shapes.

For our remodel, I went with two difference tiles from FloorPops: the Massimo pattern for the floor, and the Lattice pattern for the walls.

I really loved the way both these tiles played with similar repeating elements. It allowed them to coordinate with one another without competing - so important in a space as small as ours.

Installing the tile was fairly straightforward. Here are my top three tips for installation:

1) Prep the surface you are applying tile to first. Remove any old flooring that is warped, damaged, etc. Patch anything that needs patching, or filling, or whatever, then sand, vacuum and wipe with a damp rag. Allow everything to dry overnight, vacuum again, and you're ready to start laying tile!

2) Find the center of your floor and lay out your tiles without removing the backing. Shift tiles up or down, side to side as necessary to avoid having any small pieces around the edges. Spin tiles as needed to get the pattern to match up on the edges. They're not always printed consistently. Once you've got your pattern set, peel and stick your center tile, then work out from there in a step like pattern.

3) Order one more package than you need, and order all of them at once. That way all your tiles are the same lot number, which gives you a much better chance that the colors and print all match. As to the extra box? You're going to be surprised how many square feet you lose to cuts around the edges, and you will likely make a few wrong cuts as well (I know I did!). Having the extra on hand makes everything go much more smoothly.

PRO TIP: Be patient around the edges, and measure, then measure again, and measure one more time for good measure! The edges are tricky, but you can do it. It just takes time.

Now, you'll notice we also tiled the wall. The wall was trickier, but worth it for me. Many of the tiles stuck easily with just the adhesive on the back. For those that didn't, we added some liquid nails which seemed to do the trick. The black edging was quite noticeable on the lattice tiles, so we also "grouted" them with some white latex caulk. That made all the difference. Finally, we finished all the edges of the tile work with white latex caulk for a clean look and some additional waterproofing since it is a bathroom.

I absolutely love the way the tile turned out! 10/10 would do this again - and I will be doing it again in the kitchen after the holidays are over! Next up, the finishing touches and final reveal of the redone bathroom.

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