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When we bought our 1922 bungalow, I knew it would need a lot of work. We spent the first few years taking care of everything you couldn't see - the plumbing, the HVAC, retrofitting the foundation for earthquake safety - which was necessary, but not particularly fun. And while we had the chance to make the bathroom and the kitchen both a little bit more our own, we hadn't done any major work on either of them. Until now.

It all started when I was brushing my teeth one morning, and the door to the poorly done DIY medicine cabinet the house came with fell off into my face. I could reattach it. Or...

...and I went with the or. What started off as replacing the medicine cabinet quickly evolved into a full-scale bathroom remodel, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Over the next several posts I'll share with you the process, from painting to tiling to replacing vintage door hardware. We couldn't be more thrilled with what a little paint and a lot of determination can do.

For now, here are the before pictures:

Next up, I'll show what a big difference a little paint can make.

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