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First off, let me say this wasn't a planned refresh. Or even a spur of the moment whim refresh. This was a refresh out of necessity. So, let's start with the (comical) backstory:

Our bathroom is tiny. I mean, it's 1920's T-I-N-Y. And it's actually our bathroom/laundry room combo. Question: is there a space in a 1920's house that isn't a combo? We have our office/kitchen, our playroom/music room/mudroom, and our living room/ workout room, to name a few. Anyway. G was giving Evie her nightly bath, and she pulled on the shower curtain, which caused the tension rod to give way. G leapt up and caught the rod before it could fall on Evie, bracing himself against our 6 year old metal frame hamper, which promptly crumbled beneath the pressure and took out a glass container full of bath salts on the floor next to it. My response: I need a new hamper, and I have to make it so that shower rod can't be pulled down again.

Which led me to the bathroom refresh.

I went into this refresh wanting to do a LOT more - like a minor remodel - but realized that with the holidays approaching I would be getting myself in too deep, especially if a project went awry and we lost our one and only toilet. I was wandering the aisle of Target, looking for inspiration, when I saw the hamper. It was exactly what I had been hoping for, and the other pieces all quickly found their way into my cart as I walked through the store. Thirty minutes and $140 later, I was done.

I love how simply remaking a corner can make all the difference, and it did in this space. It feels more open and slightly spa-like now, compared to cluttered and old. I love the space saved by the fold out hamper, and I simply replaced the single small bag that came with the hamper with two larger bags. To help continue that spa feel, I put my washcloths on display in a basket, and placed my current favorite body skincare on the shelf. I also picked up a few of the Casa Luna collection waffle knit towels. We've been eyeing some that were literally 3 times the price of these - what a great way to try the waffle knit and see if it works well for us before investing the big $$! I also fell in love with these hooks - they each have three spots for hanging, and the middle hook pivots to the side! We use them for our hair towel, body towel, and robe. And the shower curtain rod? I simply picked up an $18 curtain rod and affixed it to the ceiling. Now it will take a lot more effort for Evie to pull that down on herself.

Shop my affordable bathroom refresh picks below!


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