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It took me just over a year to finally have our living room finished. Well. Almost finished. I still need two pillow cases for the sofa! But since we're just about there, I thought I'd go ahead and share our space.

For reference here's where we started:

Honestly, this room is the room that sold me on our little bungalow. It was so bright and open and airy - totally unexpected given the square footage of the house and how "cozy" the other rooms are. Before moving in, I gave it a coat of bright white paint. Aside from that, I knew I wanted the room to keep that open and airy feeling, with accents of black matte metal. For decor inspiration, G and I have always said we want our home to be the "Natural History Museum of Us" - meaning the decor should tell our story through art and artifacts. I think we achieved this beautifully in this space, and I couldn't be happier with the mood it sets and story it tells.

What's your favorite part of the room? See any items you'd love to hear the story behind? Drop me a line at


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