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It's something every blogger experiences: PR Sample over-load. I seriously had a break-down over the weekend and spent an hour going through all my lipsticks (just lipsticks, y'all!) deciding which ones to keep and which ones didn't make the cut. You see, one of the serious perks of being a blogger is that people want to share their product with you in hopes that you'll love it and share it with your following, upping their reach. And I love the PR packages. I've discovered so many things I really like that way. In fact, some of the samples I was sent I loved so much that they've replaced my old tried-and-true products and I have been purchasing them instead! So I decided to dedicate a post to my PR Samples turned must-have items. Here we go!

First up, Dermalogica. I was sent the Daily Superfoliant as a trial item months and months and months ago. We're talking pre-pregnancy months ago (ok, so like a year ago). It sat on my shelf until first trimester hormones ravaged my skin, and I was desperate for something to help get things back in balance. It was during a cleaning fit second trimester that I stumbled upon this sample, and decided to give it a whirl. Within a week, my skin was clear and glowing again. I was so hooked. Since then, I've been sent the Stress Positive Eye Cream, the Nightly Lip Repair, and a travel set including their toner and cleansing gel. It's all I use now. I can't tell you what a difference the superfoliant, eye cream, and lip treatment have made for this tired mama. You can't even tell that I sleep deprived and *should* drink more water thanks to these products. They've gone from sample to staple for sure.

Next up is Supergoop. This really surprised me, TBH, because I've been a dedicated Neutrogena user for years. The combination of the SPF100 cream and SPF45 spray were the only things that kept this fair skinned girl from burning, as long as I re-applied every 1-2 hrs. Until Supergoop, that is. I was sent their Everyday Sunscreen, Setting Powder, Mineral Sunscreen, Mineral Sunscreen Mist, Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Mist, and Power Sunscreen Mousse (whew! what a list!) as part of their Don't Mousse Out campaign earlier this summer. While I liked the mousse, what really hooked me were the Everyday Sunscreen and the Antioxidant Infused Mist. They're all we use now - I even use the everyday sunscreen on Evie - and I love how moisturizing they are without being greasy, the amazing scent, and (most importantly!) we never burn. If you want to give it a try, I highly recommend this set as a great starting point!

Finally, a surprise: the Bite Beauty Line and Define lip primer. If you follow me, you can tell that I never wear lipstick. The reason? I couldn't find a good primer, and without a good primer, lipstick is a serious pain in the @$$. I was sent a set of lipsticks and the primer from Influenster this month, and after cleaning out my lipstick drawer, decided to play around with some of the shades I couldn't let get away. This primer changed my lipstick life. I've worn lipstick every day this week because I love it so much, and it's so easy! Seriously. Watch my lips on Instagram. I guarantee you'll be like "wow, they look great!" and I"m telling you right now, the secret is this under $25 primer.

That's it for now!! You can shop the post via the widget below, or by clicking on any underlined word. As always, feel free to message me with any questions! You can reach me here.

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