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Spring has officially sprung (and then some!) in Houston, forcing me to bring out my "haven't seen sun in years because I lived in San Francisco" legs. Yes, they are white as snow, and yes, it's a bit scary. While I do use tanning booths pre-tropical vacations (I know, I know, they're bad for you. But know what's worse? NOT having a base tan and turning into a tomato day one of a ten-day tropical getaway. Trust me. It's way worse), I need something for those days when my legs are white, but I don't have tropical getaway plans in the mix. I've tried a few self-tanners, and these are my favs for getting a golden glow without orange tones or streaks:

This is my go-to for when I have a week or so to create color on my legs. It builds up color really gradually, and looks super natural (just like it says!)

If I need natural color fast, but still have a few days until the event, I use this. I often use this to jump-start my step (1) tan, too.

These are the best for instantly sun-kissed legs. The story of how I stumbled upon them is here, along with my tips for getting a non-streaky application, because they can be tricky, but if you use them right, you get instant gratification.

I've thought about trying the St. Tropez tanner, because everyone seems to love it, but when I can get great results at Target prices, why bother?

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