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I don't claim to be a makeup expert. You won't be seeing any "how-to" tutorials here, because I still head to M.A.C. every time I have a question, like "How do I do this highlighting thing?" (learned that at M.A.C. just over a year ago!), but I do love doing my own makeup, and am very particular about my products. I do Google Searches, read reviews on Ulta and Sephora, and ask several beauty counter workers in person what their thoughts are on products before leaping into a purchase. So when I tell you that I love a product, you can trust that I've done the leg-work!

I decided to write this post, dear Reader, because I realized that after 13 years, the same lipstick is still my number one. In fact, there is only one other brand of lipstick I even use, and that was a fairly recent (i.e. in the last two years) lucky stumble.

First up, my "love you always" liner, lipstick, and gloss: Estee Lauder.

I first tried Estee Lauder in 2004. My aunt was a makeup artist for them, and did the Rose Parade Queens, So when I had a college formal (did I just date myself? ;-) ), I asked her to do my makeup. At the end of it, she let me keep my listick, liner, and gloss. I still use them (and have replaced them as they run out!) to this day. I love the Estee Lauder products for many reasons. First up, the liner and lipstick are highly pigmented. It takes very little to get an even, fully covered pout. They also stay put without bleeding or running, and this is not due to my skill with makeup (because I have a very moderate skill-level). The lipstick is not drying, and the gloss is smooth and not sticky. Finally, they all have a subtle vanilla scent, which is just simply decadent and delicious.

The other lipstick I love you've heard me rave about previously. It's the Julep "Light on your Lips" full coverage creme lipstick.

I love this lipstick because it is lightweight, easy to apply (it practically glides on by itself!), moisturizing, and long-wearing. I can put the red on and rock it all night without needing to re-apply.

Want to shop some of my favorites? Check out the SHOP THE FEED to the right! It links several of my favs.

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