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If you've known me for any amount of time, these two things won't surprise you. These things being:

1) I LOVE neutrals (tone on tone on tone on tone with some texture! Yes please!)

2) I LOVE Julep and their Maven program (see post here)

So when I saw this welcome box, I knew it was time for another post about Julep. Which welcome box, you ask? This one:

Not only am I in love with the nail polish colors, but it has one of my favorite beauty staples: the When Pencil Met Gel eyeliner (formally known as the Gel Eye Glider). I currently have it in four colors, and am quickly working my way up to owning every shade they sell. It stays on ALL DAY. No budging, no smudging, until you take it off. I love them. And, FYI, the pencil alone is $16, so getting it as part of this box is a steal!

If you want to make this box your own, just click on the picture and it'll take you to the place where you enter the code GIMME and it's all yours for just the $2.99 shipping. Enjoy! and I want to hear what you think and see pictures of your nails! Shoot them my way at

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