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Growing up, I used drug store makeup almost exlusively for anything that wasn't hygiene-related. My foundation was (and still is) Clinique, but everything else... my eyeshadow, my eyeliner, my mascara, my lipstick, my lipgloss, my powder, my bronzer... everything else was drugstore. I didn't see any reason to spend more money on products that would run out just as quickly. Well, Reader, I have transitioned my eye makeup routine to be entirely high-end cosmetics, and it has made all the difference in the world.

I used to carry my mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadows with me if I was going to be out all day, knowing I would need to re-apply at least once, but usually twice, to keep my look fresh. Not any more! Here are my current eye-wear staples (and guess what? I don't have to reapply, even if I'm staying out from 6AM to midnight. Seriously).

1) Mascara: For low-key days (like the days I'm at work in a polo and dockers, testing water and manouvering around large pumps behind fish tanks) I wear CK One. It defines my lashes and makes them a beautiful, uniform black without making me look made-up.

For the days I get to actually dress, I wear Younique (see my post on how much I love this product here). It makes my lashes look like I'm wearing the most amazing falsies, without looking fake. I can't say enough about how worth it this mascara is. Trust me. Try it.

2) Eyeliner: I now use Julep's Gel Eyeglider Pencils. They go on so smoothly it will blow your mind (it blew mine. I actually ran out and grabbed my husband to show him. He was less impressed than I was, never having struggled with less dreamy eyeliners, but still. I had to show my husband my eyeliner. That means something) and they have staying power. Mine only budges when I use baby oil to take it off at night. I currently have it in Blackest Black, Bronze Shimmer, and Smokey Taupe Shimmer. I am eyeing the Graphite and the Navy for my next purchases!

3) Eyeshadow: Three letters: M.A.C. They have rich pigments, an amazing selection, and I love that I can refill a pallet, slimming my collection size down and enabling me to replace just the color I've run short on. They also don't collect in my crease for around 8 hours, and even then, a quick swipe with my finger fixes them right up!

I hope you give some (or all!) of these products a try! They have changed my all-day makeup game for the better!

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