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Kidkraft Playset

When Evie began telling me that all she wanted from Santa this Christmas was her very own play ground back in September, I started researching. We have a great sized backyard - until you want to add swings. Then what we have is just enough space for a swingset! So swings were out. Instead, I searched for something that would fit well on a small footprint (7 x 14), had a slide, and would work for older kids since many of the smaller playsets were also for younger ages.

Eventually we settled on the Kidkraft Hangout Hideaway playset, and began the process of digging out and leveling a space for it "just in case Santa brought one". Haha.

After two days of work with a shovel, weed barrier fabric & staples, and a ton of rubber mulch, we had a pad!

Christmas arrived and so did the pieces to build the playset. We spent the first day of the build with our amazing neighbors helping. First thing we did was lay everything out and take inventory! Such a vital first step for a process like this. Then we built for as long as we had sunlight, stopping when we couldn't read the instructions any more.

The next day, Gabe and I finished up the work, and Evie got to take her first slide ride!

All in all, we love this new addition to our yard! Next step is painting the garage behind the playset to match our house, and removing that last bit of chainlink along the back wall!

I've rounded up everything we used to prep and build right here. We got it all at Home Depot, and couldn't be happier with the results.


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