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I hate to admit it - but I have to - I'm a sucker for a good Facebook ad. You know the ones - they're witty, visually interesting, and (let's be honest) usually have singing. I get sucked in, read aaaallll the comments, and eventually hit "buy". While some have been misses (I'll share my most disappointing miss at the end), many of them have been wins in a really big way. Here are a few of my favorites from this past year.


These were such a big win for me that I devoted a whole post to chatting about them. In a nutshell, this little disc boasted that it would diminish cramping, make sex on your period totally doable without any *messiness*, and do away with leakage (my verbiage, not theirs). It did all that and more for me (I used to take prescription pain meds for mine). Read the full story here, then use the code at the end of that post and try this magic for yourself.


I was seriously influenced to try this, not only by the FB ads, but also by girl friends on other social channels. Initially I was underwhelmed - there was definitely a noticeable difference in smoothness the first three days, then it quickly went downhill and by day 6 I was dealing with razor burn. Thankfully, it looks like that was a bum blade, because the second razor lasted 4 weeks, and my third is going strong on week 2. I think my sweet spot with Billie is changing the blade every three weeks, and I am not going back to my old razor. My legs are much smoother, for much longer, and I love the lower price-point. Solid win in my book. (I'm also kinda obsessed with the aesthetics and the magnetic shower holder). I have yet to try their shave cream, but I may since the razor was so good. And, did I mention, it's only $9 to get started?


I love this toothbrush for so many reasons. It's pretty. It's affordable compared to other electrics. It travels well. It's so sleek and minimal in design. The holder works really well. And, most importantly of all, my teeth feel "dentist clean" each night. I also love that I don't press as hard with this brush (my old manual brushes always looked so destroyed by the end of the month). I use the Crest Deep Clean 2-step toothpaste (one minute for each step, which is easy thanks to the built-in vibrating timer). I also really like that I still have to actually move my hand/arm and brush. It's basically a pretty manual brush with some extra juice. Big, big fan.


Yes, the ad got me. It's so so so fun. Also, I've been on the fence about trying Native, and love that Lume is dealing with the bacteria that causes smell, rather than trying to cover the smell. It's also baking soda free and aluminum free (which were the two big draws for me initially). Probably gonna pull the trigger on this soon - as in before Summer when I need to already have my deodorant figured out.

BIGGEST FAIL: The BugBite Thing

I wanted to love this so much. We have two species of nasty little ankle biter mosquitos, and it's meant a lot more OFF being put on than I would like. Additionally, our whole family is fairly allergic and the bites swell up to itchy, red, nickel-sized mounds for the better part of a week. BugBite thing boasted the ability to remove the toxin that causes the allergic reaction via suction, getting rid of/vastly reducing the welt and itchiness. Not the case for us, sadly. We used it on bites as they happened, and tried on both awkwardly placed bites (where bones made it tricky to get good suction) and really easy to access bites. Neither was any better than before the BugBite thing. Conceptually, I loved this idea so much... and I'm really disappointed that it didn't work for any of us.

What are some of your favorite finds?


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