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I was great at taking care of myself before I became a mom. I had time for monthly massages, bi-weekly nail appointments, and sat down to eat three meals & one snack each day. Now, I get a massage when my back is so bad I can’t pick Evie up anymore, my nails don’t get done, and I try to remember to eat something at some point before 7PM! Don’t get me wrong – that way of life isn’t healthy or sustainable - and it all came crashing down as I turned 33.

I was hungry. And angry. I was hangry. And nauseous because I was so hungry. I was tired, and grouchy, and by the end of every day what was left of me wasn’t worth being around. It was one night when we were having Taco Bell… for the third time that week… because I was too tired to cook… that I realized I had to make myself a priority again. It wouldn’t look the way it did before, but I had to start taking care of me in small ways to preserve my sanity.

So, I’ve done a few little things to help shift my lifestyle so that self-care is part of our daily routine:

1. Evie and I eat meals together.

When she eats, so does mommy, and we usually share something. It makes sure we both aren’t hangry and gives us some fun face-to-face connection time.

2. Carry a Water Bottle EVERYWHERE.

I mean, room-to-room everywhere. I was so good about drinking water when I was pregnant. Now, my goal is to hit 24-oz a day and work up from there.

3. Step-up my beauty products game

I’m not talking about makeup - though that has stepped up to fewer/better products - as much as I’m talking skincare (you know, the items that make it so I need less makeup). You all know I love my Olay Whip moisturizer for the fresh, dewy skin it gives me (aka no foundation needed!). I just added Olay Cleansing Infusions to my morning routine! The Crushed Ginger body wash and facial cleanser contain exfoliators that break down as you use them, so you get all the scrub without any of the irritating rub! I’m also really loving the Deep Sea Kelp facial cleanser and body wash – I love the way they smell, and how soft, radiant and hydrated they leave my skin feeling! This moment is my "glow up" moment with Olay, and I'm loving it!

4. Sit down for 15 minutes and just breathe

When Evie naps, I take 15 minutes of that time to just sit and be. Be still. Be present. Don’t look at my phone, don’t turn on the TV… just breathe and be. It makes such a difference for my mental state!

How are you investing in yourself? Would you like to try Olay Cleansing Infusions with me? I’m excited to see that natural glow start to come through on my skin! You can get yours at your local HEB and online here: and join me as I spend the next few weeks moving towards fresh, hydrated, glowing skin (just in time for summer!!!)

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