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I would just transport my *entire* closet with me whenever we traveled if the technology existed, TBH. But since it doesn't, and I loathe being weighed down while on the move, I've learned to pack in capsules. If you've heard about the concept of a capsule wardrobe, th

en this is not news to you, but for those of you who aren't familiar: a capsule wardrobe is a mini closet, if you will, consisting of 20-30 pieces (including accessories!) that all intermix to create a wide variety of looks. Packing this way has been life changing for me, because it ensures that I always look pulled together without requiring more than a carry-on.

With our trip to New York just days away, I thought I'd share with you what I'm taking to handle the 30F-40F weather while still looking chic and sharing just one checked bag with G and Evie! So here we go:

I'm always one to wear black, white, and grey, which makes mixing and matching much easier. Opt for 3-4 bottoms, 5-7 tops in different cuts, a dress, and 2-3 pairs of shoes to form the core of your capsule, then fill things out with some comfy cozy loungewear, outerwear and accessories.

Some of my favs (which are coming on this trip!) are this cozy crop-front cream sweater, these dark wash skinnies (the high waistline is perfect for this mama!), my grey Uggs (can't be in the cold without them!), and this faux leather jacket (the best for layering, and it can handle rain unlike suede).

I think the key to taking a capsule wardrobe from good to great is a handful of fun accessories that can make each look unique. For instance, I L-O-V-E this Wink Beanie from Kate Spade (I have the cream, but it comes in black and grey too!). A great crossbody bag for traveling is a must - and I'm loving Fossil's Holiday pallet, and this bag which has all those colors in a fun geometric print! Finally, a statement shoe is a great way to mix-up your looks.

Happy Traveling! And don't forget to follow along as we visit upstate New York this week, and pop across the boarder for Evie's first international trip!

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