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I'll just begin with this: I am a packing master. Seriously. I fit 10 days in Europe into a carry-on (#masterpacker). Even bigger deal: I wasn't missing anything. Okay, all joking aside, I've been to Europe a few times, and find that having an idea of what to pack can really help you not over-pack, and save on the hassle that is baggage claim. So here I'm going to share what you need in your bag for a trip to England.


This is the bag that you need access to throughout the flight. I personally love a large zippered tote, like this one from Longchamps, this one from Michael Kors, or this one from Marc Jacobs. They are versatile, won't spill their contents when (not if!) they tip, and hold up well to the bumps that inevitably come with travel. In this bag, I would stash the following:

1) Crossbody

I carried my red DVF crossbody all over Europe. It's small, can't be snatched off my shoulder, and I loved the pop of color it gave to my neutral mix-and-match wardrobe. Big plus to the small size: keeps you from over-stuffing your day bag! This should also house your plane ticket, phone, passport, and wallet.

2) Noise Canceling Headphones

I opted for the Wireless Beats that matched my iPhone, and I am so glad I did. Coughing people, crying babies, and tense arguments didn't phase me, because I couldn't hear them. I was in a blissful,quiet cocoon watching my movies.

3) eReader

I love my nook. Before you cry heresy, hear me out: I have a collection of antique collectable books that I absolutely die over. BUT I can't tote them around when I'm traveling. They're too valuable, too heavy, and too big! I love my nook because I can pack 50 books in less space than it would take to pack one.

4) External Charger

Your iPhone or iPad will die on this long flight. You will be so glad you have this. I love this one from Jonathan Adler.

5) iPad

To watch those movies ;-) Also great when you need to wind down and watch a movie in the hotel.

6) Toiletries

I treat long flights like a spa sesh. This means no makeup. Instead, I use a creaseless ponytail elastic (love these!), give my face a good cleanse with the yes to cucumbers wipes, and slather on a thick layer of a moisturizing cream (my fav is this one from Benefit!). I also love to dab some of this tension releasing essential oil blend behind my ears. Other necessities include a tooth brush and tooth paste for post-naps, a good lotion and lip balm, kleenex, eyedrops and an amazing eye mask (love this one because it's gentle on that sensitive eye surrounding tissue!)


I think the biggest thing here is to bring pieces you can layer, mix, and match. I always bring enough underwear + 2 because I hate trying to wash my panties in a hotel. Everything else, I wear and re-wear. I love having a small fabric freshener with me to spritz on things before I hang them up in the closet again, and I always have my shoes stashed in shoe bags to keep the dirty soles from ruining my clothes. If you're going for a week, I would start with 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, 2 layering pieces (sweaters or light coats), and two pairs of shoes. Then add accessories and a comfy plane outfit. Pro Tip: roll everything when packing, and you'll be able to fit more in!

That's it! I hope this post was helpful! Are there things you always take when you travel? Let me know what I've been missing!

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