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London. There are honestly so many amazing nooks and crannies in this city. Every time I go back, I find a new favorite. My first trip I fell in love with the garment district, where I purchased some fabric and came home to have a custom dress made. My second trip, it was the tiny little bookstore in Camden Town that housed so many 1800's editions of Sir Walter Scott novels that I almost had to buy a second suitcase to bring my new treasures home. This time around, I must admit, I fell in love with Tower Hill and Oxford Circus, and of all the places I've stayed, the Tower Hill location is my favorite. So here are my recs on where to stay and play in London (so far! and if you want to know where to eat, check this post out!)


There are lots of great places to stay in London, but honestly, we opted to stay in the business area of town instead of the tourist area, and we are so glad we did! We stayed at the Double Tree Tower Hill, and I have to tell you, we loved being walking distance from the Tower of London, and we had a tube station steps from the door (along with the Wine Library! So perfect).


You could play in London for weeks and not run out of things to do. That being said, here are a few of my favorites/must sees:

1) The Tower of London

I know, I know, tourist trap. Outside has all the makings of a classic tourist trap. People trying to get you to buy maps, tickets, package tickets so you can see fifty other attractions, too. But once you get inside, it's anything but tourist-y. I love the Tower because it seems as though even the loudest toddler or most oblivious adult feels the weight of what happened there. Lives were lived in solitude. Desperate attempts were made at rescue. Horrific deaths were perpetrated. Royalty was crowned. Royalty was beheaded. This place gives me chills every time, and I love it there because it isn't a tourist attraction, it's a walk through England's history. Trust me. You won't regret giving several hours to quietly exploring this place. I've gone every time, and every time, it's so worth it.

2) Covent Garden

The shopping, the nightlife, the food! I could play there beneath the lights for hours. We went there on several different evenings to wander through the little pop-up shops boasting everything from water color paintings to handmade jewelry and the high-end stores. We loved it there.

3) St. Katherine's Docks

I hadn't been here my previous two trips, and really enjoyed exploring the stores and food this time around. It's a delicious, fun place to wander.

4) Oxford & Picadilly Circus

Night.Life. This place was our nightlife jam. From restaurants like Sketch and Bob Bob Ricard to street performers, amazing shopping, and musicals, you can't help but love late nights out with your love here.

5) Harrods

Again, I L-O-V-E to shop, and died wandering through this playground of fashion. I even got my first piece of Dior there, after sipping on Ker Royals and eating shrimp cocktail, of course!

Those are just five of so many things I would recommend! Let me know what some of your favorites are below!

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