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One of the perks to having a husband who runs half the state of Texas is that we have offices in most of the major cities in the south. We live in Houston, which is why you won't see a travel guide on that city for a bit, but we get to travel to Austin and San Antonio on a fairly regular basis. Since my job can go anywhere I go as long as I have an internet connection, I get to tag along and have really started to fall in love with some of the further afield cities.

I must admit, going into my first trip to San Antonio, I anticipated it being my least favorite city of the three we spend most of our time in. You can imagine my surprise when this San Francisco girl had two of the best meals to date in San Antonio, and found a hotel she's dying to spend more and more time in.

If you want to know where I love to stay, eat, and play in San Antonio, read on! These are definitely my do-not-miss experiences.


We stay at the Marriott when we travel for G's work, and the Marriott River Center was perfectly located on the Riverwalk, which I will talk more about in my "Play" section. But to stay, I have to sing the praises of one place: Hotel Emma.

We had drinks at Sternewirth and dinner at Supper. My head was on a swivel the entire time, taking in the beautiful industrial chic interiors of each space. Next time we're in San Antonio, we're definitely staying at this gem so I can get inside one of the perfectly designed guest rooms!


I had two of the best meals to date while in San Antonio, which was impressive and unexpected since I hadn't had anything to rival the perfect food scene of San Francisco in either Houston or Austin!

Our first night in San Antonio, we went to Halcyon for a late-night dessert, because I had heard they did S'mores at your table. G and I had so much fun roasting marshmallows and having quiet conversation on our love seat by the glow of the small fire.

The first place we ate that was really impressive was Bliss, a restaurant recently opened by Nor Cal native chef Mark Bliss, who does innovative twists on contemporary American cuisine. Get the Pork & Beans! A fall-off-the-bone tender ham hock is surrounded by perfectly cooked beans in a salty, savory, slightly sweet broth. I had happy chills eating this dish!

Next on my list is drinks at Sternewirth and dinner at Supper. I had the Train to Spain cocktail at Sternewirth and went into raptures over the hint of vanilla in this cocktail!

Then we moved to Supper where we had the best brussels sprouts EVER (Salt and Vinegar, and perfectly roasted) and a fried to perfection quail. I loved every mouthful. Don't miss this perfect little place in the Pearl.


Hands down, the River Walk was our favorite place to play. We went for a stroll after dark almost every evening while we were there, and even took a short cruise. If you've been to Disneyland, the best way I can describe River Walk is like the inside of Pirates of the Caribbean come to life. If not, all I can say is that you need to experience the magic that is this beautifully lit path by the river.

There you have it! My places to stay, eat, and play in San Antonio. If you have any suggestions for next time I go back, let me know! I'm always looking for new places to try!

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